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Arthur Ashe Estate Auction

The Arthur Ashe Estate Auction brought in just less than $350,000 in February 2013.
Prices realized below:

Prices Realized

Auction Lot# Title Final Price
2Silver Plate Issued to Arthur Ashe by a Black Newspaper in Missouri Where He Attended High School -- ''The St. Louis Argus'' $1,200.00
3Early Silver Trophy Won by Arthur Ashe as a High School Student in 1960$3,120.00
4Arthur Ashe N.E.T.A. Open Men's Singles Championship 1960 Trophy$1,200.00
71962 Arthur Ashe Trophy -- Won in the American Tennis Association's National Championships -- ATA Was Formed by and for Black Tennis Players$3,775.20
8Arthur Ashe's Jacket From the 1962 U.S. Junior Davis Cup$13,045.20
10Arthur Ashe ''National Hardcourt'' Men's Singles Trophy -- Awarded to the Young Star as a UCLA Student$1,758.00
11Early Arthur Ashe Award Plate From 1964's International Lawn Tennis Club of The U.S.A. Tournament$799.20
12Early Arthur Ashe Tennis Trophy -- From His Win at the Perth Amboy Tennis Tournament in 1964$600.00
13Arthur Ashe 1964 ''Eastern Grass Court'' Championships Trophy -- Awarded to the Burgeoning Tennis Legend Early in His Career$2,082.00
14Arthur Ashe Trophy Plate From 1965 -- The Year He Led UCLA to the NCAA Championship$1,789.20
15Arthur Ashe Thunderbird Invitational Trophy From 1965$624.00
16Arthur Ashe 1965 Trophy From the 66th Ojai Valley Tennis Tournament -- Awarded to the Young Star as a UCLA Student$1,172.40
17Arthur Ashe Tennis Trophy Plate From 1965 -- Awarded to the Young Star as a UCLA Student$1,008.00
18Arthur Ashe East-End Civic League 1966 Citizenship Award$624.00
19Arthur Ashe's Award Plaque Presented to Him by the Forest City Tennis Club in 1966 -- For ''Being A Great Guy & A Great Tennis Player''$624.00
20Arthur Ashe Schmidt's Sports Award Plaque Bestowed on Him in 1966$624.00
21Arthur Ashe's Trophy Cup From the Thunderbird Tournament as a UCLA Student in 1966$600.00
22Arthur Ashe Runners-Up Doubles Trophy Awarded During the 1966 Dallas Invitational -- Awarded at the Young Age of 23 as a UCLA Student$624.00
23Arthur Ashe West Point Robe$1,562.40
24Early Arthur Ashe Award From 1967 Given to Him as a Lieutenant in The U.S. Army -- Year Before His Record-Breaking Victory at The U.S. Open$600.00
25Arthur Ashe's Tennis Award From 1967 -- Won Just as the Young Star's Career Was Taking Off$566.40
27Arthur Ashe's Armed Forces Interservice Award From 1968 -- The Year He Became the First African American Athlete to Win Men's Singles at The U.S. Open$600.00
28Arthur Ashe's Trophy Cup From the 1968 Fidelity Bankers Life Tournament -- The Same Year Ashe Made History as Winner of the Men's Singles Title at The U.S. Open$2,290.80
31''Newsweek'' Magazine Announcing The Death of Martin Luther King -- Kept by Arthur Ashe and Bearing His Name on Subscriber's Mailing Label$237.60
321968 Official Resolution Awarded to Arthur Ashe by the City of Richmond, Virginia, Ashe's Hometown$261.60
33Arthur Ashe U.S. Open ''Singles Champion 1968'' Badge$1,477.20
341968 U.S. Open Trophy Won by Arthur Ashe -- The Tournament of His First Race Barrier-Shattering Win$6,082.80
36Arthur Ashe's Own 1969 Davis Cup Commemorative Leather Wallet$624.00
38Arthur Ashe Balboa Bay Club 1969 Invitational Men's Singles Trophy$799.20
39Arthur Ashe ''U.S. National Indoor'' 1970 Doubles Winner Plaque$624.00
40Arthur Ashe's Silver Trophy Plate From the Caribe Hilton Tournament in 1970 -- The Year He Won The Australian Open$831.60
41Arthur Ashe 1970 Passport -- Containing The Stamp From His Historic First Entry Into Apartheid South Africa$4,153.20
42Skandia Cup 1971 Trophy Awarded to Arthur Ashe$624.00
43Arthur Ashe's Medal From the 1971 World Championship of Tennis Finals$1,008.00
44Arthur Ashe's 1971 Wimbledon Medal -- For Men's Doubles Runners-Up With Partner R.D. Ralston$21,013.20
45Arthur Ashe's Crystal Vase Award From The Association of Tennis Professionals -- The Organization He Helped Found in 1972$1,172.40
46Arthur Ashe's Day Planner From 1972 -- The Year He Was Denied Entry Into South Africa for the South African Open -- Also Includes Fantastic Handwritten Note by Ashe About "Pan-Africanism"$1,200.00
47Arthur Ashe's Trophy From the 1972 Kemper International Tournament -- Part of the World Championship Tennis Circuit$726.00
48Desktop Keepsake Commemorating Arthur Ashe's Participation in The 1972 RFK Memorial Tennis Tournament -- From Ashe's Personal Estate$468.00
49Arthur Ashe ''1st National Tennis Classic'' Trophy Cup Awarded in 1972 -- Won at the Height of the Tennis Legend's Career$624.00
50Doubles Tournament Trophy Plate Won by Arthur Ashe & Robert Lutz -- From the Pinnacle of Ashe's Extraordinary Career in 1972$831.60
51Arthur Ashe's 1972 Finalist Medal From the World Championship of Tennis$1,220.40
53Arthur Ashe Award From 1973 by His Fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi -- For ''His Superior Achievements as International Tennis Star And World Citizen''$600.00
54Elegant Photo of Tennis Legend Arthur Ashe -- With Printed Apartheid-Related Poem by His Friend, South African Don Mattera -- Regarding Ashe's 1973 Admittance to the South African Open$915.60
55Arthur Ashe Tennis Classic Runner-Up Award -- 1973$385.20
56Arthur Ashe Tennis Classic Runner-Up Award -- 1973$316.80
57Tennis Legend Arthur Ashe Pewter Trophy Cup From 1973 -- Won in The Junior League of Durham Tournament$624.00
58Arthur Ashe 1973 Kemper International Tennis Tournament Champion Trophy$686.40
59Arthur Ashe's ''A'' Monogrammed Silver Cup Platter -- From the Aetna World Cup 1974$237.60
60Award Plate Won by Arthur Ashe in a 1974 Tennis Tournament in Bologna $624.00
62Arthur Ashe Republic of Kenya Vaccination Booklet$237.60
63Arthur Ashe Runner-Up Award Plate -- Torino, Italy -- 19 February 1974$686.40
65Arthur Ashe World Championship of Tennis Finalist Medal -- 1974$915.60
66Arthur Ashe's Day Planner From 1975 -- The Year of His Monumental Win at Wimbledon & One of His Most Outstanding Years in Tennis -- Ashe Writes "WIMBLEDON STARTS" Boldly on 23 June!$3,775.20
67Arthur Ashe 1975 Dewar's Cup Trophy -- Awarded to the Tennis Star at the Height of His Career -- The Same Year He Won Wimbledon as the First African American in History$3,049.20
68Gerald Ford Presidential Letter Signed With Postscript to Arthur Ashe -- ''...You are a fine example for our youth and we are proud of you...''$1,008.00
69Arthur Ashe's Jean Becker Tennis Trophy From 1975$799.20
70Medallion Won by Arthur Ashe in the Pacific Southwest Tennis Championships of 1975 -- The Year He Won Wimbledon$624.00
71Arthur Ashe's Passport, Issued 1975 -- With Original Signed Passport Photo of the Tennis Legend Intact$2,342.40
72Arthur Ashe's World Championship of Tennis Finalist Medal From 1975 -- The Year He Defeated Bjorn Borg & Won the WCT Championship$2,623.20
73Arthur Ashe's MVP Trophy From the 1976 Aetna World Cup$600.00
74Certificate Creating ''Arthur Ashe Day'' in Los Angeles From Ashe's Personal Estate -- Signed by The 1976 Mayor of LA$831.60
75Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned Regulations Booklet for The 1976 Davis Cup$120.00
77Award Given to Arthur Ashe by His College Fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi in 1976 -- the Richmond, Virginia Chapter, Ashe's Hometown$624.00
79Arthur Ashe Award Trophy -- Robert F. Kennedy Pro-Celebrity Tournament From 1976$624.00
81Arthur Ashe's Finalist Medal From the 1976 World Championship of Tennis$1,626.00
82Arthur Ashe Plaque Awarded in 1977 by His Fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi$624.00
83Tennis Legend Arthur Ashe's 1977 Day Planner -- He Starts the Year Off With "Beat McNamara"$1,200.00
84Arthur Ashe Trophy Cup Awarded During the 1977 Robert Kennedy Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament $624.00
85Arthur Ashe's United Negro College Fund Tennis Benefit Silver Bowl$600.00
86Wimbledon Centennial Commemorative Piece Issued to Arthur Ashe in 1977 -- Designed by The Queen's Goldsmith$4,153.20
87Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned 1977 Wimbledon Pen -- Commemorating the Tournament That He Won in 1975 as the First African American$1,220.40
89Arthur Ashe Winner's Plate From the Palmas Del Mar Tournament in 1978 -- One of His Last Wins Before Retiring the Following Year$624.00
90Arthur Ashe 10th Anniversary World Championship of Tennis Award -- Nicely Framed $756.00
91Arthur Ashe's MVP Trophy From One of the Very Last Tournaments of His Epic Career -- From The 1979 Aetna World Cup -- Stunning Gorham Silver Bowl Is Near Fine$600.00
92Arthur Ashe's Davis Cup Award From 1979 -- The Year the U.S. Team Won First Place$5,026.80
93Arthur Ashe's 1979 Day Planner -- The Last Year of His Professional Tennis Career as He Suffered a Heart Attack & Underwent a Quadruple Bypass Surgery$1,200.00
95Arthur Ashe's U.S. Indoor Championship Men's Singles Runner-Up Trophy From 1979 -- The Last Year of His Stellar Tennis Career$1,172.40
96Arthur Ashe 1979 Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Award$624.00
98Arthur Ashe Honorary Degree From Dartmouth College -- 1980$145.20
99Arthur Ashe's 1980-85 U.S. Passport -- With Original Signed Passport Photo Intact$2,128.80
100Arthur Ashe 1980 French Silver Platter Award -- Engraved ''To Arthur from the French...''$831.60
101Arthur Ashe's Honorary Degree From Trinity College in Connecticut$177.60
102Arthur Ashe's Wilson Athlete of the Decade Award From 1980 -- The Year Ashe Retired From Tennis$660.00
103Arthur Ashe 1981 Davis Cup Semifinals Silver Cup -- Ashe Coached the U.S. to Victory That Year as Captain of the Davis Cup Team$1,200.00
104Arthur Ashe's U.S. Davis Cup Team Vest -- Embroidered With His Name$7,360.80
105Arthur Ashe 1981 Davis Cup Finals Robe -- From Ashe's Year as Captain of the U.S. Davis Cup Team$6,691.20
106Arthur Ashe's 1981 Davis Cup Chalice -- USA v. Australia -- Fine$1,452.00
107Arthur Ashe's U.S. Davis Cup Team Vest$3,120.00
110Arthur Ashe Personal Photo Album From the 1981 Davis Cup -- 49 Photos Total$660.00
1111981 Davis Cup Flag -- Argentina vs. United States -- From the Personal Estate of Arthur Ashe$132.00
1121981 Davis Cup Awarded to Arthur Ashe -- The Year He Led the U.S. Davis Cup Team to Victory as Captain$756.00
113Arthur Ashe's Check Register From 1981 & 1982$120.00
114Arthur Ashe 1981 Clay Courts Tie by Givenchy$132.00
115Arthur Ashe's Davis Cup Flag From 1981$261.60
116Arthur Ashe 1981 Davis Cup Final Pen$132.00
117Arthur Ashe 1981 Davis Cup Award -- Ashe Coached the U.S. to Victory That Year as Captain of the Davis Cup Team$261.60
118Arthur Ashe 1981 U.S. Open ''Past Champion'' Badge$261.60
120George H.W. Bush Signed Photo, Dated and Inscribed to Arthur Ashe$756.00
121Arthur Ashe Walking Cane -- Toledo, Ohio -- 1982$624.00
122Arthur Ashe Walking Cane -- 1982 Davis Cup$624.00
123Arthur Ashe Davis Cup Chalice -- 1982 From Perth, Australia$5,026.80
124Arthur Ashe Davis Cup Chalice -- 1982 From Perth, Australia$1,200.00
125Arthur Ashe's Davis Cup Official Issue World Travel Clock$120.00
126Arthur Ashe's 1982 Day Planner -- When Ashe Segued Into Sports Announcing After His 1980 Retirement$1,200.00
127Arthur Ashe's Checkbook Register$120.00
128National Urban League Award Base for Arthur Ashe -- Equal Opportunity Day, 1982$120.00
129Arthur Ashe's Davis Cup Flag From 1983$120.00
131Arthur Ashe's Davis Cup Flag From 1983$120.00
133National Pharmaceutical Council Award Presented to Arthur Ashe -- 15 September 1983$177.60
134Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Championship Medallion Awarded to Arthur Ashe in 1984$1,200.00
135Arthur Ashe's Davis Cup Flag From 1984 -- From the Competition Between the United States & Argentina$120.00
136Arthur Ashe's Davis Cup Runner-Up Trophy From 1984$3,775.20
138Arthur Ashe Personally Owned Commemorative 1984 Olympic Award$261.60
139Davis Cup Romania 1984 Plate From the Personal Estate of Arthur Ashe$316.80
140Arthur Ashe 1985 American Tennis Association Commemorative Trophy$1,419.60
141Arthur Ashe's Award From Armstrong-Kennedy High School in His Hometown of Richmond, Virginia -- Awarded in 1985 For ''...Helping This School Effect a Program of Excellence in Education...''$120.00
143Arthur Ashe's International Tennis Hall of Fame Medallion$2,520.00
144Arthur Ashe's Black Achievement Award From 1986$600.00
145Arthur Ashe San Paulo 1986 Brass Tennis Plaque$195.60
146''Le Coq Sportif'' Brazil Sao Paulo 1986 Plaque Awarded to Tennis Superstar Arthur Ashe$316.80
148Arthur Ashe Napkin Kept From His 25th High School Reunion$831.60
149Arthur Ashe's 1986 Sportsmen's Tennis Club Festival Program -- With Handwritten Notes by Ashe -- ''...I am asked about what I do to increase black participation in tennis...''$1,200.00
150Arthur Ashe Award From 1987 -- National Association for Sport & Physical Education$120.00
152Arthur Ashe's 1987 Award From Le Coq Sportif Apparel$600.00
154Arthur Ashe's 1987 National Urban League Award$600.00
155Attractive Pictorial Award Plaque Presented to Arthur Ashe by ''Time'' Magazine -- Features a Print of The ''Time'' Article Covering Ashe's Groundbreaking Victory at Wimbledon$600.00
156Arthur Ashe's Big Brothers of New York City Award$120.00
158George Bush Autograph Note Signed to Arthur Ashe -- Thanking Ashe for His Campaign Contribution in 1988$624.00
159Arthur Ashe's Day Planner From 1988 -- The Year the Tennis Great Was Diagnosed With HIV$1,200.00
160Arthur Ashe's Award From His Induction Into the Eastern Tennis Association Hall of Fame$1,065.60
161Arthur Ashe's Emmy Award for Writing the TV Adaptation of His Book, ''A Hard Road To Glory'' -- Chronicling the History of Black Athletes From 1619-1985$6,082.80
162Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned ''Father of the Year'' Award From 1988$120.00
164Arthur Ashe's Mint Condition 1988 Coin Set Issued by the Pentagon in Observance of Black History Month$288.00
165Arthur Ashe's Distinguished Human Service Trophy Presented to Him in 1988 -- Made by Tiffany & Co.$120.00
166Tennis Champion Arthur Ashe Personally-Worn Button-Down Shirt$132.00
167Arthur Ashe Signed Tennis Program -- Also Signed by Althea Gibson$288.00
169Long Island University Honorary Degree Presented to Arthur Ashe -- 1989$120.00
170Arthur Ashe's Official 1989 Wake Forest Honorary Degree for Doctor of Laws -- As the Tennis Legend Was Also a Proponent of Civil Rights & Public Service$145.20
173State University of New York Honorary Degree Presented to Arthur Ashe -- 1990$145.20
174Arthur Ashe's Cap, Gown & Diploma From the Honorary Doctorate He Was Given by Northeastern University$349.20
175Arthur Ashe's ATP Tour Chalice -- Waterford Crystal$600.00
176Plaque Given to Arthur Ashe by Northeastern University When the Institution Awarded Him an Honorary Doctorate in 1990$120.00
177Arthur Ashe Tennis Racquet Award From Doral -- 1990$1,065.60
178Arthur Ashe's Honorary Degree From The University of Hartford $120.00
181Arthur Ashe's Large ''Sports Illustrated'' Sportsman of the Year Award From 1992 -- One of The Most Prestigious Honors Across All Sports$14,350.80
182Arthur Ashe Handwritten Outline For a Provocative Speech on AIDS -- Just Months Before His Death -- ''...Our...morality tells us...there's something wrong with dispensing condoms and needles...''$1,597.20
183Arthur Ashe Glass Ashtray From His Personal Estate$120.00
186Arthur Ashe 1992 Day Planner, the Last Full Year of His Life -- Includes His Announcement to the World That He Contracted HIV$1,200.00
187Arthur Ashe's College of William & Mary 1992 Fraternity Silver Cup$237.60
188Hat Worn by Arthur Ashe During His Famous Arrest Outside the White House in 1992 at a Protest Regarding the Expulsion of Haitian Refugees From the United States$600.00
189Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of the Year Award Base -- 1992$120.00
190Arthur Ashe 1992 Award -- ''Thanks For Caring & Sharing'' -- The Year Before His Death$600.00
191Arthur Ashe's Leadership Award From The New York Association of Black Journalists -- Made by Tiffany & Co.$132.00
192Arthur Ashe Signed ''Sports Illustrated'' Magazine -- One of The Last Items he Signed -- Ashe Graced The Cover as Sportsman of The Year in December of 1992 & Died in February of 1993$915.60
193Arthur Ashe Signed ''Sports Illustrated'' Magazine -- One of The Last Items he Ever Signed -- Ashe Graced The Cover as Sportsman of The Year in December of 1992 & Died in February of 1993$2,623.20
194Stunning Ellis Island Medal of Honor Presented to Arthur Ashe in 1993 -- When Magnate Lee Iacocca Headed the Organization to Preserve the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island -- Fine$216.00
196The Last Award Bestowed Upon Arthur Ashe During His Lifetime -- The Associated Black Charities Award in Honor of Fellow Black Tennis Pioneer Althea Gibson$3,049.20
197Bill Clinton Typed Letter Signed on White House Stationery Offering Condolences to the Family of Arthur Ashe the Week He Passed Away -- ''...I enjoyed my visits with Arthur...''$1,969.20
199Arthur Ashe's Death Certificate$4,652.40
201Lot of 200+ Programs From the Funeral of Arthur Ashe$686.40
202Arthur Ashe's Memorial Program$120.00
206Arthur Ashe's Award From The National Conference of Black Mayors$316.80
209Certificate That Accompanied Arthur Ashe's Presidential Medal of Freedom -- Signed by Bill Clinton as President With Rare ''William J. Clinton'' Signature$3,493.20
210Amherst College Degree Awarded to Arthur Ashe$120.00
212''George Thomas 'Mickey' Leland Humanitarian Award'' -- Awarded to Arthur Ashe Posthumously by the Prestigious Congressional Black Caucus$600.00
213Arthur Ashe International Tennis Federation Silver Trophy -- Awarded Posthumously to the Tennis Legend $600.00
214Arthur Ashe's Silver Olympic Order -- The Highest Award of the Olympic Movement, Awarded Posthumously to Ashe in 1993$5,118.00
215Arthur Ashe's Person of The Year Award From 1993 -- The Year the Tennis Great Passed Away$120.00
217American Federation of Labor ''Murray-Green-Meany Award'' -- Awarded to Arthur Ashe Posthumously in 1993$261.60
218Arthur Ashe ''Arete'' Life Achievement Award For Courage in Sports$160.80
219Arthur Ashe Lot of Mementos From His Memorial Dedication$120.00
220Waterford Crystal Chalice Awarded to Arthur Ashe Posthumously by the Miami Chamber of Commerce$120.00
223Arthur Ashe Teddy Bear Owned by His Family -- With the Image of the Arthur Ashe 2005 Postage Stamp on Its Shirt$120.00
224Arthur Ashe U.S. Postal Service Teddy Bear -- Commemorating the Tennis Legend's 37 Cent Stamp$120.00
225Arthur Ashe's ABC Sports Broadcaster's Jacket -- With a Photo of Ashe Wearing It on Set$2,520.00
226Arthur Ashe's Personal Address Book -- With Handwritten Entries by Ashe of His Friends & Acquaintances -- Including Muhammad Ali, O.J. Simpson, John McEnroe, Walter Cronkite & Many More$1,200.00
227African Art Piece Personally Made For & Given to Arthur Ashe For His Anti-Apartheid Work -- Engraved "SIPHO", the Nickname for Ashe Meaning "Gift"$1,342.80
228African Art From the Personal Estate of Arthur Ashe$120.00
229Arthur Ashe's ''Air Travel Card'' Signed$132.00
230Arthur Ashe's American Express Platinum Card$1,200.00
231Arthur Ashe's American Express Luggage Tag$120.00
232Arthur Ashe Handwritten Note Signed -- Accompanying an ''African American Athletic Association'' Typed Report$261.60
234Arthur Ashe Association of Tennis Professionals Neck-Tie$160.80
235Arthur Ashe Tennis Ball Signed$514.80
236Arthur Ashe Signed Tennis Ball -- ''Peace, Arthur Ashe Jr.''$385.20
238Arthur Ashe Blue Cross Health Card$120.00
239Arthur Ashe Worn & Personally Owned Italian Leather Boots$120.00
240Arthur Ashe's Sterling Silver Bracelet -- Engraved ''Arthur''$1,200.00
241Cuff Bracelet Owned and Worn by Arthur Ashe$132.00
242Arthur Ashe Personally Owned Turquoise Cuff Bracelet$1,477.20
243Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned & Used Burgundy Leather Briefcase -- Filled With His Own Paperwork$216.00
245Arthur Ashe Walking Cane$120.00
246Arthur Ashe Engraved Wooden Walking Cane$120.00
247Arthur Ashe Silver Handle Tourist Walking Cane$160.80
248Arthur Ashe Cane With Silver Tourist Handle$120.00
249Arthur Ashe Gucci Walking Cane$216.00
251White House Pen Given to Arthur Ashe by Bill Clinton -- Fine$424.80
252Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned Fur Coat $879.60
253Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned & Used Computer Bag$120.00
255Arthur Ashe Davis Cup Jacket$6,691.20
256Arthur Ashe Custom Davis Cup Jacket$4,153.20
257Arthur Ashe's Davis Cup Jacket$7,360.80
258Arthur Ashe USA Davis Cup Pants$3,049.20
259Arthur Ashe U.S. Davis Cup Patch$1,220.40
260Davis Cup Custom Tie From Arthur Ashe's Estate$261.60
261Arthur Ashe Custom Made Davis Cup Tie$385.20
262Davis Cup Tie Custom-Made for Arthur Ashe$624.00
263Davis Cup Neck-Tie Issued to Former USTA President Marvin Richmond -- From Arthur Ashe's Personal Collection$120.00
264Arthur Ashe's Own U.S.-Italy Davis Cup Silk Neck-Tie $132.00
265Davis Cup Neck-Tie Custom Made for Arthur Ashe's Tennis Trainer Bill Norris -- From Ashe's Personal Estate$120.00
266Arthur Ashe's Own Davis Cup Neck-Tie$160.80
267Arthur Ashe Owned Davis Cup Tie -- Germany-United States$132.00
268Arthur Ashe Davis Cup Neck-Tie$177.60
269Collection of Honorary Degree Robes Awarded to Tennis Superstar Arthur Ashe $624.00
270Arthur Ashe Trophy From the Detroit Tennis Club Invitational Tournament -- 1st Place in Singles$600.00
271Arthur Ashe's Brass Trophy From His Doubles Win at the Detroit Tennis Club Invitational$600.00
272Arthur Ashe's Driver's License$624.00
273Iconic Pair of Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned & Worn Trademark Eyeglasses$120.00
274Arthur Ashe Personally Owned Pair of His Signature Aviator Glasses -- The Tennis Legend Was Stylistically Known for His Sunglasses$261.60
275Arthur Ashe Reflection Free Aviator Glasses$624.00
276Arthur Ashe Personally Owned & Worn Pair of Glasses -- Which Defined the Tennis Star's Style $261.60
277Arthur Ashe Ray-Ban Sunglasses -- Ashe Was Famously Known for His Stylish Sunglasses$1,220.40
278Family Statue From Arthur Ashe's Personal Estate$600.00
279Arthur Ashe's Silver Trophy Cup From the Fidelity Bankers Life Invitational Tennis Tournament$1,065.60
280Arthur Ashe's Silver Trophy Cup -- Undated Doubles Champ Award From Fidelity Bankers Life Invitational Tournament$600.00
281Arthur Ashe Head Brand Cap -- From His Personal Estate$120.00
282Arthur Ashe's Own Head Brand Cap$120.00
286Arthur Ashe's Beer Stein Trophy From The Holten Tennis Classic in St. Louis, Missouri$756.00
287Arthur Ashe's International Tennis Hall of Fame Glass Pitcher$145.20
288Arthur Ashe Personal ''International Sporting Club'' Card Signed$132.00
289Arthur Ashe ITC Collegiate Hall of Fame Certificate$686.40
290Arthur Ashe's Beige YSL Tweed Jacket$120.00
291Arthur Ashe's Navy Blue Jacket$120.00
292Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned & Worn Italian Leather Jacket -- Fine$120.00
293Tennis Great Arthur Ashe's Tweed Jacket From His Personal Estate$120.00
294Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned & Worn YSL Jacket$120.00
295LeCoq Sportif Brand Windbreaker Jacket Worn by Arthur Ashe From His Personal Estate$132.00
296Arthur Ashe Worn HBO Jacket From His Personal Estate$624.00
297Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned & Worn Winter Jacket$120.00
298Arthur Ashe Personally Owned Leather Jewelry$120.00
299Arthur Ashe's Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Necklace From UCLA$316.80
300Arthur Ashe's Martin Luther King Sports Award -- Pair of Brotherhood Medallions Awarded by Dr. Ralph David Abernathy$660.00
301Tennis Legend Arthur Ashe's Harold A. LeBair Memorial Award -- For Good Sportsmanship & Made by Cartier$660.00
302Arthur Ashe Life Insurance Card$120.00
307Arthur Ashe Signed MasterCard From His Last Years$600.00
308Original Typed Poem by South African Poet Don Mattera Written to Arthur Ashe -- "…that one man should love another / across the span of land and time…I love you…"$120.00
310Arthur Ashe Certificate -- Recognizing His Use of Black Professionals for His Health Care$120.00
312Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned & Monogrammed Sterling Silver Money Clip$424.80
313Arthur Ashe's Thurman Munson Award$600.00
316Silver Pitcher Awarded to Arthur Ashe as National Campaign Chairman & ''Champion for Heart''$120.00
317Arthur Ashe Personally Owned Ornate Bead & Metal Necklace$756.00
318Arthur Ashe Personally Owned Turquoise Necklace$120.00
319Gold Necklace Personally Worn by One of the World's Greatest Tennis Players of All Time, Arthur Ashe$1,200.00
320Arthur Ashe Turquoise & Coin Necklace$120.00
321Arthur Ashe's Turquoise Necklace$145.20
322Arthur Ashe's Turquoise Necklace$424.80
323Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned & Worn Silver Necklace $600.00
324New York Knicks Uniform Personally Owned By Arthur Ashe$1,789.20
325Arthur Ashe's Notebook From 1987-1990 -- Filled Out in His Hand With Contacts' Names & Numbers, His Health Information, Bible Quotes, Details of a Scholarship Program, Etc.$1,892.40
326Arthur Ashe Notebook of Contacts -- With Notes in His Hand -- ''...Clinton letter...Send Davis Cup outfit to Hall of Fame...'' & Dated Entries From The Last Week of His Life$3,049.20
327Arthur Ashe 4-H Club Brass Paperweight -- With ''Arthur Ashe'' Engraved$195.60
328Arthur Ashe Penthouse Club Card$120.00
332Arthur Ashe Signed Wimbledon Photo$288.00
333Arthur Ashe Signed Wimbledon Photo$316.80
334Arthur Ashe Signed Wimbledon Photo$316.80
335Arthur Ashe Signed Wimbledon Photo$288.00
336Arthur Ashe Signed Wimbledon Photo$316.80
337Arthur Ashe Signed Wimbledon Photo$316.80
338Excellent Arthur Ashe Signed Wimbledon Photo$316.80
339Arthur Ashe Signed Wimbledon Photo$349.20
340Arthur Ashe Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Depicting the Tennis Star in His Davis Cup Uniform$316.80
341Arthur Ashe Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Depicting the Tennis Star in His Davis Cup Uniform $288.00
342Arthur Ashe Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Depicting the Tennis Star in His Davis Cup Uniform$349.20
343Arthur Ashe Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo of Him Playing Tennis$237.60
344Arthur Ashe Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo of Him Playing Tennis$216.00
345Arthur Ashe Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo Playing Tennis$349.20
346Arthur Ashe Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo of Him Playing Tennis$349.20
347Arthur Ashe Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo$132.00
348Arthur Ashe Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo of Himself as Wimbledon Victor$1,200.00
349Arthur Ashe 5'' x 7'' Signed Photo$132.00
350Arthur Ashe Signed Photo$288.00
351Ronald Reagan 10'' x 8'' Photo With Arthur Ashe$424.80
353Arthur Ashe Head Brand Tennis Racket Cover -- From His Personal Estate$514.80
354Arthur Ashe's Own Brand of Tennis Racket Made Into a Timepiece -- With Black Enterprise Magazine Cover Showing Ashe With a Racket From His Line$624.00
355Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned Gold Ring$624.00
357Unique Sculpture of Arthur Ashe by Bronze Sculpture Artist John Petek$624.00
358Arthur Ashe's Worn & Personally Owned Golf Cleats$120.00
359Arthur Ashe's Worn Golf Cleats From His Personal Estate$160.80
360Arthur Ashe's Tennis Shoes$237.60
361Arthur Ashe's Tennis Shoes$514.80
362Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned & Worn Loafer Shoes$120.00
363Arthur Ashe's Worn Tennis Shoes$424.80
364Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned and Worn Arthur Ashe Brand Tennis Shoes -- From His Own Line of Head Brand Athletic Gear$424.80
366Arthur Ashe's Southern California Tennis Association Silver Trophy Bowl -- Honoring His 1963, 1975 & 1978 Wins at the Pacific Southwest Tennis Championships$1,290.00
367Arthur Ashe's Handwritten Notes for a Speech to Black Graduates -- ''...Affirmative action for me was a last resort...The rest of America basically doesn't like us...''$3,120.00
368Arthur Ashe Handwritten Draft of a Speech on Black Youth From the End of His Life -- With a Program From The Event -- ''...many are willing to 'write [young black men] off'...they are so wrong...''$1,597.20
369Arthur Ashe's Handwritten Outline for a Speech on Black Athletes -- ''...White America, for the first time, saw...records...smashed by members of a group they assumed to be inferior...''$1,934.40
370Arthur Ashe's Honorary Degree From St. John's University -- Diploma & Citation in 2 Striking Red Portfolios$120.00
371Impressive Statue of Arthur Ashe Posing Mid-Serve$624.00
372Arthur Ashe Stockholm Open Tie$120.00
373Arthur Ashe's Black Velvet Suit -- Pants & Jacket$195.60
374Arthur Ashe's Own Pierre Balmain Suit$132.00
375Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned & Worn Charcoal Grey Pinstripe Wool Suit by Lanvin$120.00
376Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned & Worn Suit by Italian Designer Loro Piana$120.00
377Arthur Ashe Brown Valentino Suit$261.60
379Arthur Ashe USTA Centennial Tie$261.60
380Lot of 25 Neckties Worn by Arthur Ashe From His Personal Estate$624.00
381Arthur Ashe Personally Owned Toiletry Bag$120.00
382To Honor His Boycott of South African Tennis, Arthur Ashe's Award From TransAfrica -- Also With His Handwritten Acceptance Speech, ''...'Some of my best friends are black'...''$1,200.00
383Arthur Ashe's Own Personal Monogrammed Leather Travel Bag$120.00
384Caribe Hilton International Tennis Trophy Awarded to Superstar Arthur Ashe$968.40
385Arthur Ashe UCLA Letter Sweater$4,153.20
386UCLA Award Presented to Arthur Ashe in 1966 -- at the Upswing of His Stellar Tennis Career$600.00
387Arthur Ashe UCLA Alumni Award$624.00
388Arthur Ashe UCLA ''Alumnus of the Year'' Pin$132.00
389Arthur Ashe's Own UCLA Cap$132.00
390Arthur Ashe's UCLA Banner$132.00
391Arthur Ashe's Gold Fraternity Pin$349.20
392UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame Medallion -- Awarded to Arthur Ashe in 1984 as One of the HOFer's Charter Members$624.00
393Arthur Ashe Personally Owned UCLA Key Chain -- Where the Tennis Legend Got His Start as a Star Undergrad Player$261.60
395Arthur Ashe WHO Vaccination Booklet Twice-Signed$145.20
397Arthur Ashe's Personally Owned Wallet With His ''AA'' Initials Embossed in Gilt$624.00
398Arthur Ashe's Posthumous Degree From Yale$132.00