Frequently Asked Questions

How do your auctions work?
Our auctions begin as soon as they are posted on our website. Our catalog and online customers can bid with us via phone, fax, mail, or email from the time the auction starts until the stated auction end date. More detailed information about bidding in our auctions can be found in our auction instructions.

Do I need to register to place a bid?
The first time you bid with us, we will need to receive a current address (non P.O. Box), contact phone number, and a fax or email in order to send auction confirmations, invoices, and communications. Once we have this information, and have done business with you, you need only leave us a message with the lots and amounts you are bidding to participate in our auctions. We do not assign bidder numbers to our customers.

How do I know how my bid is doing?
We will send a bid confirmation within 48 hours of your bid to update you on the status of each item on which you have bid. If you are outbid during the auction, we will send you a notice informing you of the current bid and you will have the opportunity to raise your bid.

How high should I bid?
Our minimum bids are set according to our cost, and the price at which each item sells is determined solely by the demand and number of bids in a particular auction. Because of this, it is very difficult to estimate where a particular piece might sell. In every auction we have, there are many pieces that sell well above "market" value, as well as many that sell well below "market" value. If you are hunting for bargains, you can find them! If several people "must" have an item, than may end up paying more for it!

Should I wait until the last day to bid?
Our phones are so busy on the last two days of an auction that the odds of getting through are not very good. We provide a "last reply" service for people who are outbid on the last day, and also allow the submission of "max bids" in order to discourage people from waiting until the last moment to bid. For details on these services, see our auction instructions page.

What is the best way to place a bid?
Whatever is most convenient for you is the best way to place a bid. We accept bids 24 hours a day via phone, fax, and email. Bids sent via fax or email generally receive the quickest entry into our records and faster reply than phone messages, however, particularly on the last day.

How do I know if I won?
Within 48 hours of the end of our auction, we will notify all winning bidders via the method they bid (phone, fax, or email) of their auction wins and amounts. At that time, we will calculate the full amount, including premium, applicable taxes, and shipping charges. Do NOT call us immediately after the auction to find out if you've won, as we will not be answering the phones. In order to notify our customers promptly, we must spend the time immediately after the auction to reconcile the sale, close all open bid items, and invoice our customers.

What happens with pieces you don't sell?
Unsold pieces are placed in our subsequent auctions unless they are sold privately, which leads to the next question...

Do you do private sales?
We do many private sales, often purchasing pieces specifically for our customers, and searching around the globe to seek specific pieces our customers have requested. If you have not done so already, please fill out a want list with us, so we know which pieces to offer to you. Certain customers request a retail price list from us in lieu of participating in our auctions. We can often accommodate these requests, but once a piece is in an auction, we cannot consider a private sale until the auction has concluded.

Do you have clearance sales?
We occasionally send out emails or faxes with clearance items. If you would like to receive these notices, please be sure to send us your contact information!

Who is Nate D. Sanders?
Nate has been in the industry, buying rare autographs and collectibles, for almost 20 years. Click here for additional information about the company.

Do you accept consignments?
We accept a wide range of consignment pieces for our auction. If you have a piece you are considering consigning, please contact Nate at [email protected], or address a fax to him. If he is interested in placing it in our auction, you will be contacted regarding our consignment prices.

What do all these abbreviations mean?
Refer to our Abbreviations page for some commonly use abbreviations. If you have more questions...
Send an email to us at [email protected], or call or fax us, and we will answer any questions you have of us.

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